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Phyllis Lei Furumoto 1948-2019


Remembering Phyllis
Touch Magazine is delighted to offer a special Commemorative edition this summer in honour of Phyllis Lei Furumoto, Lineage Bearer for the Usui Shiki Ryoho system of Reiki, who passed away on 31st March 2019.


Sharing candid stories and personal photos from many of Phyllis’ closest family, colleagues and friends this very special edition of Touch captures the spirit of Phyllis’ pioneering attitude, charts some of her travels to far flung corners of the globe and illustrates her untiring dedication to preserving the teachings of her grandmother Hawayo Takata.


With a tribute from Phyllis’ wife, Joyce Winough and contributions from Takata masters Paul D. Mitchell, Rick Bockner and Wanja Twan, ’Remembering Phyllis’ is rich with teaching stories and anecdotes to keep her memory alive.


There are articles from many of the masters working with Phyllis at the end of her life, those who have been charged with carrying her work forward and reports on some of the ways Phyllis is being remembered around the globe.


Order your copy today to read exclusive articles with prominent Reiki masters Susan Mitchell, Laurence Fontaine, Carlos Sanchez, Scott Howlett, Frank Coppetiers, Rachel Goldberg, Rolf and Li-Li Holm as well as comments from Phyllis’ chosen successor Johannes Reindl.


There are touching tales from our UK Reiki Association membership: Kristin Bonney, Milly Cain, Narkess Aralova, Candace Caddick and Feona Gray and beautiful artwork from Fokke Brink and Michael Hartley.


We are nearly sold out of this issue, so we will advise you if it becomes no longer available and also refund any monies paid.


Buy up to 9 copies
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Buy more than 30 copies
Please contact us for special prices on bulk orders at




Reiki Association Members
Members of the Reiki Association will receive a copy of this Commemorative Edition of Touch Magazine as part of their membership, but you can obtain additional copies, perhaps for friends or students, by ordering on this page.


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