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Touch Winter 2020 - Stories of Wanja

Wanja Twan 1934-2019
Touch cover Jan 2020
Wanja Twan was one of 22 Reiki Masters initiated by Hawayo Takata, and one of 5 Reiki masters living in Canada. She passed away on 3rd September 2019.


Touch Magazine is delighted to bring you 'Stories of Wanja' a special commemorative edition dedicated to the memory and legacy of Wanja Twan. With 40 pages packed with stories, poems, artwork and historical photos, this keep-sake shares details of Wanja's life and memories from some of her family, students and friends, highlighting Wanja's dedication to Reiki, and to the teachings of her master, Hawayo Takata..


Delighting in Wanja's unique blend of the mystical and the practical, there are contributions from Anneli Twan, Michelle Beauregard, Rick Bockner, Paul Mitchell, Inger Droog and anecdotes from pioneering Reiki masters from across Europe and Canada, who first learned Reiki from Wanja in the 1980s.


Covering 40 years of Wanja's Reiki practice, we also celebrate the creative pursuits that Wanja excelled in and encouraged in others, with examples of her weaving, painting and books.



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Touch cover Jan 2020
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